Home Architecture Studio De Materia submerges private rooms of House JRv2 into sloping terrain

Studio De Materia submerges private rooms of House JRv2 into sloping terrain


A timber-clad garage rests on top of partly submerged living spaces at this house in Poznań, Poland, which opens up towards the landscape on its lower level.

House JRv2 is situated on the edge of the Żurawiniec parkland to the north of the city, on a site that slopes gradually down towards a boggy area.

Local architect Adam Wysocki’s Studio De Materia designed the property in two distinct parts that relate to the typography of the land.

A garage featuring a timber frame and larch cladding was placed at the highest point to prevent a sharp drop down from the driveway.

The wooden volume features predominantly closed facades and is the only thing visible from the upper portion of the site.

Concrete walls set into the slope support the garage and contain the main residential areas. These are arranged in a T-shaped plan, creating two perpendicular wings.

A slatted door integrated into the front facade of the timber box opens directly onto a concrete staircase that descends towards the living spaces.

An opening directly opposite the entrance frames a view of the trees beyond, with the planted roof of the residential block providing a connection between the building and its natural surroundings.

At the bottom of the stairs is the wing containing the living, dining and kitchen spaces, which are open-plan and look out onto the surrounding parkland through full-height windows.

“The functional layout of the home was dictated by the sun, views and neighbourhood,” said Wysocki, who positioned a small patio next to the lounge to catch the morning sun.

The concrete wall lining the rear of the patio also acts as a retaining wall set into the terrain. A window at the rear of the lounge looks onto a reflecting pool with a plant emerging from its centre.

A large south-facing terrace occupies the outdoor space between the living area and master suite. A sliding door connects the lounge with this decked podium raised above the garden.

A perpendicular wing accommodates the master bedroom suite at the end that faces the park. This room adjoins an en-suite bathroom and walk-in closet, with a further bathroom slotted in behind the kitchen.

At the opposite end of the house is a utility space and a guest bedroom, which are submerged into the escarpment. A window in the guest room punctures the concrete wall to provide a view out to the north.